About Us

The Society of Women Engineers-Houston Area Section (SWE-HA) was officially chartered on July 1, 1979. The section gained federal exempt status  as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation on May 13, 1984.

SWE’s Houston Area Section (SWE-HA) is a professional member section operating out of the greater Houston area.  We are fortunate to have a diverse local membership with engineers from all disciplines, walks of life, and career stages, and we’d be honored to have you as a part of our organization.  SWE membership is open to all women and men engineering professions, engineers in all disciplines, and non-engineers with equivalent engineering experience.

SWE-HA aspires to unify science and engineering communities through active participation in outreach events for grades K-12, Academic Scholarships, Awards & Recognition, and Professional programs. With the support of local corporate sponsors and individual donors, SWE-HA is dedicated to pursue this impactful social commitment, to provide educational resources, and to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among women in the Greater Houston Area. SWE-HA empowers women of all ages and diverse cultures to successfully achieve their aspirations, and recognizes women for their contributions as leaders in the community.

Who We Are

Stimulate  women  to  achieve  full  potential  in  careers  as  engineers  and  leaders,  expand  the image  of the  engineering  profession  as  a  positive  force  in  improving  the  quality  of  life,  and  demonstrate  the  value  of  diversity.  

Inform young women, their parents,  counselors,  and  the  general  public  of  the qualifications  and  achievements  of  women  engineers  and  the  opportunities  open  to  them and encourage  women  engineers  to  attain  high  levels  of  education  and  professional achievement.

Our Values

We aspire to the highest level of ethical behavior as evidenced by honesty and dignity in our personal and professional relationships and responsibilities.

We embrace diversity in its broadest interpretation and commit to creating an inclusive environment for all our members and stakeholders. We value the contributions of a diverse membership, which enables SWE to achieve its full potential.

We provide an organization that fosters mentoring and the development of professional and personal networks.

We conduct our activities in a professional manner, demonstrating and demanding the highest standards of business practices.

Policy & Documents

The SWE-Houston Area section has its purposes set forth in the SWE Governing Documents and shall conduct its activities at all times in strict accordance with the requirements set forth in the SWE Governing Documents. SWE Governing Documents include the Section Agreement, the Society Bylaws, and the record of Policy and Interpretation. The SWE-Houston Area section also maintains its own Section Procedures which provide section operating procedures related to the Executive Council and activities that occur throughout each fiscal year. The Section Procedures are intended to supplement the Society’s bylaws and codes.

Click on the document to the left to see the entire Section Agreement.

Click on the document to the left to see the entire Society Bylaws or visit https://swe.org/about-swe/.

Click on the document to the left to see the entire Records Retention and Disposition Policy and Schedule.

Click on the document to the left to see the entire Policy on Campaigning and Endorsement of Candidates.

Benefits of Joining SWE

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. To ensure SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, the Society offers unique opportunities to network, provides professional development and shapes public policy. SWE champions the value of diversity with a community of 40,000+ members.

Being a member of SWE provides you discounted fees for Society Conference registration, free access to SWE’s Advance Learning Center (with hundreds of recorded webinars available on demand for your personal and professional development), access to SWE’s online Career Center, the opportunity to be nominated for SWE Awards, and the award-winning quarterly SWE Magazine publication. You can learn more about the benefits of membership on the SWE membership website here.

You can join on the national level and participate locally with your section and have access to national events and resources. Being a SWE member yields some great benefits! Locally, you’ll have the opportunity to attend all of our meetings for free (or for a nominal $5-10 fee) and be invited to special member-only events throughout the year. Below are some more benefits as a SWE member.

  • Access to a community of engineers both globally and locally
  • K-12 Outreach Volunteer Opportunities
  • Discounts to SWE-HA events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Reduced fees for admittance to national and regional education conferences that offer networking, professional development, seminars, workshops, and leadership training
  • Professional development opportunities via seminars, workshops, leadership conferences, and volunteer opportunities
  • Develop leadership experience in a nurturing environment through leadership roles at the sectional, regional, and national levels
  • Develop social relationships
  • Community of support

Collegiate Members

I am a College Student, How do I Join?
Wonderful!  You are taking steps to become a leader in your field, help your community, and gain a critical edge in the job market with support and advice from peers and professionals. As a student, you should look for your nearest student chapter or the one that is part of your school’s student organizations. SWE-HA partners with the SWE sections at the University of Houston, Rice, and other local colleges, which help support women students in the College of Engineering.  Please visit the Collegiate Membership website and the SWE Sections & Affiliates website to local collegiate sections.